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Garbage Disposals

Garbage Disposals Service Contractor in Campbellsville, KY

Quality Service offers garbage disposal service for:

  • Replacement
  •  New installation
  •  Un-clogging

Call Quality Service if you need to add a new garbage disposal to your kitchen sink, or just want to replace that old unit to give your kitchen a new clean look. Regardless of your situation with your garbage disposal needs, Quality Service always offers fast professional service for all of your garbage disposal needs.


Garbage Disposal Operation 

Garbage disposals are often overlooked in most household kitchens until they start to leak water, get clogged up, or start to smell bad from grease buildup and drain buildup. While garbage disposals are not designed to handle massive amounts of food waste, a garbage disposal will take care of small scraps and waste from washing dishes.

It is important to make sure when operating your garbage disposal you are running cold water into the unit. Run the water throughout the operation and then continue a few seconds after operation has stopped. This helps keep your garbage disposal nice and cool, and also ensures that the food waste has been rinsed out into the drainage system. Avoid using only hot water as it may overheat your garbage disposal unit. The garbage disposal unit has a reset button on the bottom and if your garbage disposal overheats it may trip the safety reset.

If you can’t get your disposal to operate, first ensure that it is plugged in or the circuit breaker for your kitchen is not tripped. Sometimes you can accidently unplug the disposal when reaching under the sink for other items. If your garbage disposal unit is plugged in, the electric circuit breaker is on, look at the bottom of the unit, look for a small red button, go ahead and push the button. If the unit still does not work, it’s time to call Quality Service located in Campbellsville, Ky.

Never pour grease or fat into the garbage disposal or drains. This can clog the drains and ruin your garbage disposal. Please check out the website for InsinkErator, if you have any concerns about the proper operation of your garbage disposal.  Call Quality Service at 270-789-4116 for all of your garbage disposal needs 24/7.