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Is an old shower or tub a constant eyesore in your Campbellsville, KY home? Call Quality Service at (270) 789-4116 and get professional solutions today! Or save money using our online sales and coupons.

Shower Tub Service Contractor in Campbellsville, KY

Nothing gets your day off to a better start than a hot shower or bath, and nothing ruins it faster than a clogged drain. Standing water however is not the only plumbing problem that arises with showers and tubs. At Quality Service, our dedicated technicians can assist you with the repair or replacement of your homes shower or tub. Through our professional services you can rest assured that our technicians will prevent any damage to your home all the while providing you with efficient repair solutions. Don’t take our word for it. See what our past customers have to say here!

Is A Clogged Drain Causing Standing Water In Your Shower Or Tub?

Hair care products and hair itself can clog your drain. The average human loses around 100 hairs a day and over time that builds up. In addition, many of us use gels and oils that do not disintegrate the way we anticipate they will. The clogs can affect one pipe or an entire system. Slow drains should be viewed as warnings of possible drainage  problems. Standing water may signal the need for professional services. Whenever these issues strike your shower or tub, call our experts and get the professional assistance you need.

Are You Facing A Leaky Bathtub Or Plumbing System?

Leaky pipes in a shower or bathtub can cost hundreds of dollars in utility bills. In addition, pipes may “sweat” when cold water passed through them in warmer weather. This condensation can cause other problems like mold. Showers and tubs may also leak around the faucet when the phalange is not tight. These leaks can go unseen because they are inside the walls, and they can cause problems in basement walls and ceilings. Undetected, the leaks may result in mold and mildew growth. Let our expert technicians inspect your home’s plumbing system and prevent any damage in no time!

What Are Common Signs Of Bathtub Or Shower Plumbing Issues?

Low water pressure could be caused by a corroded or clogged shower head, but is often is associated with systemic problems. Plumbing fixtures are more than just simple pipes that carry water. Drains, for instance, have designs that swirl the water when they empty so that the drain actually cleans itself. Low water pressure impedes this process.

Unstable water temperature can be a very annoying bathtub or shower issue. Most newer homes have water pressure sensitive water controls that regulate the mixture of hot and cold water coming into a faucet. If the problem exists throughout the house, it may be a malfunction in the water heater, but if it is only in your shower or tub, the chances are that the water control valve is worn out.

Degrading Shower Or Tub Conditions In Your Home?

Over time, the protective surfaces of your tub and shower can deteriorate. This allows microbes such as mold and mildew that can cause stains and odors to intrude into your tub and shower surface. While some products advertise that they can remedy this by glossing over the surface with a sealant, it is only a temporary fix. The best deterrents to mold and mildew are built into the fixtures themselves. In fact, replacing the tub or shower may be your best option.

Getting The Quality Service Difference

No matter what your plumbing needs may be, you can always trust in the professional services from Quality Service to get the job done right. Our technicians are highly skilled and trained and can provide you with the very best tub and shower solutions. Whether your repairing your tub, servicing your plumbing, or completely replacing it, our technicians are here to help. We are dedicated to providing all of our customers with quality service, guaranteed.

Is an old shower or bathtub creating serious plumbing issues in your Campbellsville, KY home? Call our experts at (270) 789-4116 and get the quality service you deserve today!