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Septic Tanks

rootInPipeQuality Service located in Campbellsville, KY locates septic tanks and offers septic tank inlet and outlet clearing if your system is backed up and you need service. Sometimes you may have a clogged drain between the house and septic tank, and you may think your septic system needs pumped or needs major repairs. This may be the case, but in our experience with septic systems is that a lot of the time you have an object or a clog inside the baffle or just before the pipe enters the tank itself. Meaning your tank is in good shape and could go many more years of service if we just get the pipe unclogged, SAVING YOU HUNDREDS. This goes for the outlet side of your septic tank. You could have sludge or roots growing in the outlet and this section of pipe needs to simply be cleaned with a drain machine or hydro jetter.

If you call a septic tank pumper service, (AFTER A FEW DAYS OF WAITING), by the time they drive the big truck to your house, than locate your septic tank they will want to pump your tank regardless of the situation, charge you for that PLUS CHARGE you extra to unclog the pipe. Or charge you for just showing up than not even pump the tank. Why take the risk?

We will locate your tank and unclog the pipe for the same price or cheaper than anyone else in the area. So if it turns out that the tank needs to be pumped you will not be paying anymore for the total service in the end. But if you call a pumper service and they pump your tank when you don’t need it than you just lost between $150.00 and $200.00 plus decreased the time between pumping in the future costing you more money that you would not have normally had to pay.

rootsInSewersDiagramWe can locate your distribution box that connects your septic tank outlet to the lateral lines in your yard. If your system shows signs of lateral line issues and clogs, we can hydro jet the lateral lines and break up the solids and roots that are clogging your laterals allowing your system work properly and last longer without replacing the lateral lines. With all this said the only way to know for sure what method to take is to call Quality Service located in Campbellsville, KY since we specialize in this service and can give you reasonable information and diagnoses of your entire septic system and give you peace of mind that a professional is by your side. We don’t pump tanks at this time but we have excellent referrals if your tank needs pumped.